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A couple of thoughts on this painting which I entitled "The Chisel Performer".  While I was working out the imagery and composition I kept thinking of a run on sentence that I had written many years before in my journal. It is as follows:


"I am the chisel performer who composed this absurd rhythm in an empty glass that I had drunk from in every surreal death while trying to approach the fiery soft metal of grace and observe her original shimmer through a dust monument that I had sculpted to soon with rigid symbols which were unable to sense my imagined metaphor that was always here emerging as some psychedelic black studio scream of my life."


I wrote this run on sentence one day without any conscious thought...just wrote it.  So with this sentence running around in my head I started adding more imagery.


Having worked out the composition, I began painting. During the process of painting it occurred to me that the piece seemed like a representation of the chakras. This reminded me of the Tibean Book of the Dead  and the Bardos or intermediate states which I have studied from time to time. I then decided to introduce some Tibetan phrases into the inset borbers. The top says "in between birth", right side.."in between experience", the bottom.."in between death", and the left side.."in between dream".





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